Netmed has gone to great lengths to have a fully functional accounts department.

We accept all private paying and major medical aid patients.

We have GP network contracts with the majority of the medical aids. View List

If you are unsure whether we are registered with your medical aid, please check with your medical aid and give them our practice number (PR: 1481878). You are also welcome to call our accounts department if you have any queries.

Where applicable, we submit claims directly to the patient’s medical aid. However, outstanding amounts remain the patient’s responsibility until we have received full payment from your insurance fund. Our fees for patients with medical aids are based on the network rates that the medical aids provide us with.

We will notify patients via e-mail, phone or WhatsApp if there are any outstanding amounts that they are still liable for.

Please settle all accounts within 30 days of receiving a notification from us, as any accounts older than 60 days will be handed over to our debt collection department. All accounts that are handed over will unfortunately incur additional costs.

We will always attend to any patient, whether on medical aid or not.

If you do not have a medical aid or are not covered by any of the medical aids that we accept, the fees will be for your own account. Please settle your account on the day of the consultation with cash or via debit or credit card.
At present a fee of R400.00 per consultation is charged for patients that are not covered by any medical aid. This excludes the cost of any medicine, additional procedures or services rendered.

For any queries, do not hesitate to contact our accounts department at